Never wait for the best moment or the best thing to do in life
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Never wait for the best moment or the best thing to do in your life

One of the misunderstandings in human beings’ life is that they are always waiting for the best moment or the best thing to do. Similarly, even some people wait to start doing something when they become the version they want. This belief always brings misery to people’s life. Indeed, people are not aware that there will never be the best moment or the best thing to do in life. 

Today is the time that you have been waiting since yesterday. Indeed, you are not conscious enough to understand that it’s your today’s version that you have been looking for a long time. In other words, ‘right now’ is the best moment which allows you to do the best things in your life. 

Human beings are always wanting more and never stop it at any level. And, at the same time, most people never create inner wellbeing to understand themselves and their life. For this reason, they are always unaware of who they were; who they are; and who they will be. 

Everything around you is life, and you are one of them. But waiting for the best moment and the best thing to do only allow you cherish a very one or two aspects of life. In fact, people are always missing many joyful aspects of life when they focus only on achieving a single goal in their life. 

What should you do when there is not the best moment or the best thing to do in life?

As I mentioned above, there is neither the best moment nor the best thing to do all over the world. Instead, if you put your heart into something and get involved in it, it will become a wonderful thing to you and others. To put it another way, if you really throw yourself with a little awareness into something, you can do amazing things in your life. Also, amazing things for everyone and everything. 

For instance, show your total involvement with people who are around you, you will see that everyone is wonderful in their own version. Similarly, everything is the best thing if you do it with involvement and awareness. This way, you will be genuine who is good at everything and enjoy everything in life. 

On the other hand, suppose that you want to start your won business, but you think it is not the best moment. See, if the business enhances your life and others, in different ways, then you should never delay. You may need some preparation, that’s necessary, but you should never wait till everything gets ready the way you wish, in other words, ‘the best moment’. It’s a complete misunderstanding. Because the best moment never exists on the planet. Instead, with a little awareness from your body and mine and also deep involvement in your business, you will see amazing things and ideas come to your mind. Above all, your awareness and involvement in everything is joy, to put it another way, it’s your life. 

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