How to Sleep Less but Well
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How to Sleep Less but Well

In general, health practitioners recommend nearly eight hours of sleep per night. Moreover, they may recommend as much as nine or more hours in times of elevated the so-called stress. Well, it may sound necessary but it’s not. Indeed, their recommendation regarding sleep quota is based on the way they approach someone’s health.

To me as a life coach, sleep quota is not acceptable. To put it another way, I rarely recommend an eight-hour sleep to my clients. Sadly, the way that most health practitioners approach a chronic disease doesn’t bring long-lasting effects on someone’s health, in many cases. So do their sleep quota and recommendations, again, in many cases.

“Sleeping less but well” has unfortunately been a dream for many people. But it should not be so.

Stop thinking about your sleep quota

In general, the amount of sleep needed is contingent upon how much you and your body are suffering from your life. Does it sound strange? Yes, it does, but not after understanding the meaning of sleep.

Sleep for a fixed duration is meaningless

A human being needs rest, not sleep. In other words, your body needs rest but not sleep. Sleep and rest may sound the same to each other, but they are not, in fact, sleep is part of rest. 

People are struggling to have a better night’s sleep and/or sleep quota because of the way they keep their minds. Don’t think of the mind only just as the part of your brain. Indeed, every cell of your body has memory. To put it another way, every cell in the human body have their own minds. For this reason, please don’t forget that you have minds.

Every cell of your body needs rest to function properly. When you keep these cells joyful and restful, they don’t need much rest. Does it make sense to you? Well, keep reading! However, when you have disturbed cells/minds, as a result, they long to rest in order to function well. And this is the time that your quota sleep goes higher.

Joyful and Restful Minds

Unfortunately, nowadays, nearly everyone is under a lot of pressure. The pressures made by themselves and within themselves, not by anyone else and/or anything else, indeed. Consequently, all these unnecessary pressures have negative impacts on the body’s systems. People now suffer from everything, from their wealth, job, children, spouse and the like. Don’t they? All these pressures make you have a so-called “stressful life”. Now, longer sleep comes a way to cope with elevated stress for many people. Even beyond, they may take some other actions such as medicines in order to cope with that stressful life.

People need to bring down the level of meaningless, extreme hardships in their lives. If they do so, there won’t be a need for eigh or longer sleep per night. There is a time that your body talks to you. Indeed, your body won’t need an alarm and a fixed time to go to bed, if you become conscioius enough. 

Try not to have a thought in your mind

Right now, close your eyes and try not to have a thought in your mind for just 20 seconds. Can you go even without a single thought for a while? I don’t think so! It means you don’t have control over your mind and body. In order words, you can’t handle your life the way you want. 

You are at the office but you can’t stop thinking about someone who had behaved badly last night. Indeed, you want to stop thinking of that person but you can’t do so. Do you know what it means? You have lost control of your mind and/or minds. In fact, you are enslaved by your environment. Being enslaved by people and things, restfulness, tiredness, hate, discrimination or likes and dislikes, loneliness, if I name a few, are the consequences. When you have such an everyday lifestyle, is your every cell, in other words, your whole body restful and blissful? Not, of course! So, in such situations, “sleeping more” might be the only way to get recovered only for a while and/or a bit.

The Bottom Line

The amount of sleep depends on how well or deep they sleep and how much they need. The days you have more mental and physical stresses on your body, for instance, training, you need to sleep longer. For this reason, sleep quota is meaningless at all. You may need to sleep longer when your body needs, and vice versa. Keep your body/minds restful and peaceful, a good night’s sleep with a reduced quota are guaranteed. It’s possible by a full awareness to know who you are. Once you reach there, restfulness is a consequence.

You must not spend one-third of your life just in sleep. As a human being, you are here to enjoy and explore life and make the world a better place for everyone.

Moreover, eating well is very important to nourish your whole body. In addition, while training (not exercise) increase sleep quota a bit, it’s necessary for a healthy body and minds. May you spend the rest of your life more joyfully!

Discussing “inner engineering” is beyond the scope of this post but be in touch with us because we are going to address all these aspects. But for now, you know why the body needs to sleep.

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