Health Assessments, Health Questionnaires, and Functional Movement Screen

When we start the health coaching of a client, the preliminary information we gather up front will be a valuable tool in our decision-making process. For example, we have to know whether or not a client has any health issue that can affect his health program. For this reason, health assessments, health questionnaires, and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) are part of a client’s coaching program.

By knowing these things up front, we can plan for you. Because, we avoid activities that will aggravate current or previous problems, and planning activities that will help with rehabilitation and muscular balance.

Sure, a lot of these issues will be exposed over time as you work with us. Yet, waiting until a client is squatting to discover that knee injury or waiting until he is doing high-intensity intervals to discover that previous heart attack isn’t the way to do things professionally and safely.

On the other hand, the same is true for nutrition coaching. Because we should know, up front, if our clients are suffering from any lifestyle-related diseases (type II diabetes, obesity, and so on). Or whether have any significant risk factors, for example, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor blood sugar management, and so on. Further, we should know something about the client body composition, including body fat percentage and muscle.

Finally, before ever making a suggestion, we should have some objective information about our clients’ daily schedules and current dietary habits. Only in knowing these things can we properly address our clients’ needs.

Each of these assessments, questionnaires, and FMS has value, especially when we cover both exercise and nutrition with our clients. Additionally, we perform each of these assessments on a regular basis to track a client’s progress.

Health Assessments, Health Questionnaires, and Functional Movement Screen are as follows:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  • Medical History and Present Medical Condition Questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Client Information Sheet
  • Three-Day Dietary Record
  • Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire
  • Initial Body Composition Assessment
  • Baseline Blood Chemistry Assessment
  • Initial Recovery Assessment
  • Baseline Visual Assessment
  • Initial Performance Assessment
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Ahmad Rashed Ahmadi

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